Yeticon is BACK for 2024!

One of my favorite conventions that I look forward to every year is back! I hope forever! But I want to make this year the best one yet. But with that I'm going to be limiting my photo sessions to only a handful. I want to enjoy the convention as well and not just taking photos all day. I will have some photographers to recommend as well if I book up and a waitlist if someone has to cancel.

For those in the GTA that want to book with me I do on locations so if we can't work together at Yeticon we can always plan something epic not at the convention!

If you are interested more details below.

Package One


One Person Only

3 fully edited photos

Proof gallery for you to choose to be edited

15 minutes

Package two


If a bigger group please message before booking

6 fully edited photos

Proof gallery for you to choose to be edited

40 minutes

Can't pay all at once? Let's discuss a payment plan that work for you!

**Extra photos and editing can be purchased**

Book now!

Friday June 14th

10:00 AM - Smikimimi

11:00 AM - Meltingmirror

11:30 AM - (15 minute session only)

1:00 PM - LigerzeroGaming

2:00 PM -

3:00 PM - aprilcosplays

3:30 PM - (15 minute session only)

4:00 PM - symphonyandsilk

Saturday June 15th

10:00 AM - Arcticwerewolf

10:30 AM - agent_kuh

11:00 AM - Sashkinz_cosplay

Sunday June 16th


Information about my $20 a photo a person

Closer to the convention I will put in my IG story a location I will be at. I will be there for an hour or so, so first come first serve kind of deal. There is only TWO photos allowed if you want to pay for more. If you want more then TWO you need to book a normal session with me. You can pay cash or card on site.

If you have any questions send me an email or DM on IG!

You must be cosplaying the same thing to have group shoot. If they are seprate things will be two seprate sessions